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Phil Rogers,

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA

As a kid, I've always had various musical instruments. I had a toy guitar like most little kids. Just banging and strumming on it like I knew what I was doing. Then my parents got me a Casio keyboard that taught me how to play basic song melodies. I used it to teach myself some of my favorite cartoon theme songs (anyone remember Tranzor Z or The Gummi Bears ?). Then I wanted to play guitar like my dad. He and my mom traveled across the country playing music and I followed along. Sitting backstage watching and learning from the time I was born until I was about 15. I wanted to play guitar but my dad needed a bass at 12 I started learning to play the bass. Then, at 15, I finally got an acoustic guitar. In high school, I started playing in various bands. Then I played more in college. I started playing with people much better than me. That really pushed me to be better. I fell in love with music theory and had a chance to play various instruments while I was in college. 

Then I stepped foot in a studio and it was like walking into Wonka's Chocolate Factory. I got a chance to see how some of my favorite records were actually made. Learning about microphones, signal flow, room size, gear, and mixing. Learning how all of those things affect how we perceive the instruments and vocals that were recorded. And it all started to make sense. 

That love of production then brought me to working in post-production as well. Editing and cleaning dialogue, mixing music underneath, making sure everything sits right so that the combination of video and audio come together to form the perfect sensory experience. 

Let me use my 25 years of expertise in music, production, and post-production to bring your video, podcast, or music to the next level!

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